Sprouts - 18mo - 30mo (2.5yrs & potty trained) - In our Sprout room, our ratio is starting at 1:5 children. Children in this room will learn through some organized lessons throughout the day, but mostly through free-play.

Shoots - Preschool - 30mo. (2.5yrs & potty trained) - 4yrs - In our Shoots room, our ratio is starting at 1:5 children. Once your child is potty trained and developmentally ready, they will be transition to this room that focuses more on having times throughout the day to sit and learn than in our Sprouts room.

Sunbeams - Pre-K - 4yrs + older - In our Sunbeams room, our ratio is starting at 1:10 children. This room is structured more as a preschool room with more challenging educational objectives. Our hope is to prepare them for Kindergarten and get used to a larger classroom setting. Your child will be moved to the next classroom at the discretion of our staff AND parents. We aim to have smooth transitions that encourage growth and comfort simultaneously.



Hannah’s World provides developmentally and age-appropriate daily plans for each classroom. We want your child to learn to sit when it is appropriate, but feel that many fundamental lessons are learned through play (problem solving, sharing, cleaning up, organizing, etc.). Time is made each day for both independent play and group work. We also like to enhance our learning through centers (blocks, dramatic play, cars, puzzles, games, and sensory activities), music, crafts, literacy, exercise and outdoor play. Each week, we center around a particular theme around which our teachers plan activities.