Seedlings - 0 to 11mo and developing walkers - This room is full of cuddles, simple activities to develop large and fine motor skills, and provides the best environment as they transition into a new routine spent with friends.

Ratio- 1:4 - We limit this room to 8 children.

Saplings - Walking 1 year olds - Our caregivers insert their passion for continuity of weekly themes into all of our activities and crafts for our little ONES.

Ratio- 1:5 - We limit this room to 10 children.

Sprouts - 2 year olds - Children in this room will learn through free-play and are beginning to learn how to sit for organized lessons. As we start the introduction of centers, the children are learning self regulation and boundaries with their peers.

Ratio- 1:7

Shoots - Preschool - 3 - 4yrs - Shoots is for children who are potty trained and developmentally ready for the structure of preschool. Teachers holding an education degree provide focused centers that reflect math, writing, and literacy curriculum.

Ratio- 1:7

Sunbeams - Pre-K - 4yrs + older - This room is structured to prepare the children for Kindergarten and become comfortable in a larger classroom setting. Our lead teacher offers 15 years of Kindergarten teaching experience along with a special education background. This classroom follows the Austin ISD school calendar and provides optional care during most school holiday closings. (See center calendar for available holiday care)

Ratio- 1:8


What will your child be learning?

Hannah’s World provides developmentally and age-appropriate daily plans for each classroom. We want your child to learn to sit when it is appropriate, but feel that many fundamental lessons are learned through play (problem solving, sharing, cleaning up, organizing, etc.). Time is made each day for both independent play and group work. We also like to enhance our learning through centers (blocks, dramatic play, cars, puzzles, games, and sensory activities), music, crafts, literacy, exercise and outdoor play. Each week, we center around a particular theme around which our teachers plan activities.

Hannah’s World Curriculum Details

Having a cohesive curriculum throughout a program not only benefits children, but also helps the teachers as they develop their lesson plans. God has blessed us tremendously here at Hannah’s World with experienced teachers, so while we have set curricula in place to connect all of our rooms, our teachers incorporate what works well based on the specific needs of the children in their care. 

Our first curriculum highlight is TouchMath. This is a curriculum that stuck out to us because of its incorporation of senses. It has been proven to reach different types of learners and set a strong foundation in math skills.

Highlights of TouchMath:

  • Research-driven, multisensory approach that works for students of all ability levels and learning styles

  • TouchPoints that help develop math literacy and bridge the gap to memorization

  • Step-by-step methodology that guides students through the concrete and pictorial stages to abstract learning

  • Periodic assessments that prepare students for future testings

  • Teacher training opportunities

Our second curriculum highlight is Handwriting Without Tears. Just like TouchMath, this curriculum was chosen because of its incorporation of senses. This program is used in preschool, elementary, and special education programs across the county and creates a strong foundation in handwriting skills.

Highlights of Handwriting Without Tears:

  • Proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for students

  • Hands-on, educational instruction methods

  • Tiered teaching beginning with the most basic skills and building on prior knowledge

  • Letters are taught in a sequence that are developmentally appropriate for early learners

  • Aligned with the Common Core Standards